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Size: 2 Metre Wide
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Mid-sections - 400(L) x 500(W) x 50(H)mm
End-caps - 400(L) x 200(W) x50(H)mm
Slows traffic to approximately 10mph
Quick and easy installation - fixings included
Reflective cats eyes for high visibility
Male-female design allows for easy insertion of pieces
Suitable for medium/high traffic areas with carsThe Speed Bump Kit 50mm provides an excellent, easy to install means of traffic calming for your area, suitable for areas where both cars and HGVs may be passing. These speed bump kits come in sectional pieces of black and yellow sections and provide and can slow traffic to approximately 10mph.
The speed bump kits are made from tough recycled plastic and can be used for slowing car and HGV traffic down, making them ideal for a variety of areas including warehouses, retail, office buildings etc.
Each speed bump kit comes with the amount of black and yellow sections as well as the yellow end caps and fixings you require to create the speed bump for your area. For excellent visibility at night each section is fitted with red cats eyes to warn drivers of their presence.
For most areas we recommend that you install correct signage to indicate to drivers that these speed bumps are in place and to give them plenty of warning before they pass over them.
Product specifications:
400(l) x 500(w) x 50(h)mm
Weight: 9.5kg
End caps:
400(l) x 200(w) x50(h)mm
Weight: 4kg

12 x 100mm rawl bolts

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