Self Righting Flexible Post


Size: Single Set (1 post, 1 base, 4 fixings)
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It is a highly visible and highly manoevrable post that is ideal for a number of uses in a variety of locations. The posts can be installed to stop motorists from entering restricted or prohibited areas on roads, car parks or other similar areas.
The posts can be used to separate one particular area from another in order to alert drivers to distinctively marked car parking spaces, to alert drivers to sharp bends or corners ahead, areas where machinery may be in use on a regular basis or even in areas where low walls may not be visible to drivers. They are also great for separating lanes of traffic in places such as underground car parks or other similar areas where there may be frequent traffic.
By drilling out the top surface of the post you can insert the chain eye, allowing you to close of larger areas and allow access whenever you need to by connecting our M-Poly Plastic Chain.
The Autobahn flexi posts are quick and easy to install and can be done so immediately after delivery. The post can be bolted directly into the ground using the installation bolt kit.

The tough polyethylene composition of these posts ensure that they can withstand many knocks and thumps from cars that may hit the posts.

When hit, it will bend to ensure that damage to vehicles is significantly reduced. The post utilises a bungee cord system that allows it to fully bend towards the ground, with the ability to spring back up immediately.

These flexible posts are highly visible with red and white reflective strips that will alert anyone in the vicinity to their presence, ensuring they are well seen even at night with vehicles headlights

The optional 110mm Arrow stickers can be combined with these flexi posts to ensure that drivers are aware as to which direction they should be travelling

Another option is the Autobahn Chain Eye Hoop - this small plastic chain hoop can be fitted into the top of the Autobahn Flexi Post by cutting out the diamter of the chain hoop in the very top of the flexi post, allowing the customer to insert the chain hoop and cordon off areas using chains

Base and Post Height: 1060mm
Post Height: 1000mm
Post Diameter: 100mm
Base Diameter: 260mm
Material: Recycled Rubber

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