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Road Convex Mirrors are superb for outdoor use in light commercial, residential or private areas. Its simple design allows it to be attached to 76mm roadside poles and remains highly resistant to the harshest of weather conditions, ensuring that it has a long life in everyday use.
The orange coloured collar around the product protects the mirror itself and ensures that it is resistant to weathering. The curved surface of the mirror allows drivers to have great visibility when attempting to see out onto roads
The mirror can be angled in order to see pedestrians and vehicle users that would normally be impossible to see. It provides an excellent degree of safety for drivers who need to pull out onto these roads.
If you wish to see in two different directions we recommend that you install two convex mirrors.
This is ideal for motorists who may wish to see left and right when moving out onto a road from their home or business premises. Every convex mirror comes with its own pole connector which allows it to be mounted to any 76mm pole with tremendous ease in little time.
It can also be installed directly onto a flat surface using with the optional Convex Mirror Wall Mounting Bracket which is also available to buy.
The mirror has an orange frame that also protects the mirror from the elements. Each mirror comes with its own bracket for installing to either a wall or pole mounting.
Diameter: 600mm
Material: Stainless Steel Mirror

Maximum Observation Distance: 6-7 Metres

Attachment bracket: For 76mm pole

Diameter: 800mm
Material: Stainless Steel Mirror

Maximum Observation Distance: 9-11 Metres

Attachment bracket: For 76mm pole.

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