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Size: H: 1200mm Post Dia: 110mm Base Weight: 4kg
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It's an ideal solution to creating a large barrier that can help to deter pedestrians or motorists from entering into a particular area. The highly visible red design of these posts include a white reflective strip that make them highly visible in all kinds of conditions, especially at night where they will be seen by motorists.
These chain posts are perfect for use in all kinds of areas, especially car parks, factories or warehouses where they can be used to corden off access to areas that may be for private use only or areas that are unsafe for people to go into.
These chain posts come with bases that can be filled with up to 10kg of sand, which of course keeps the posts in place at all times and ensures that they wouldn't be blown over by strong winds.
These chain posts allow a distance of up to 8 metres, which allows the customer to create a barrier that can span out over a larger area.
The highly visible posts are sure to be seen by all pedestrians and motorists in the area and will deter them from entering into these particular areas.
These chain posts also come with up to 25 metres of chain.
They can be set up quickly and easily and can be used almost instantly.
These premium chain posts are an excellent solution to creating barriers for larger areas and can be installed quickly and easily, whether it be for termporary or permanent use.
When you need a chain post set that can cover a large area the Premium Chain Post Set is the ideal solution.
Key Features:
• A very visible red colour with added white retroreflective strips
• Ideal for use in all kinds of conditions, including at night
• Each post comes with its own base
• Can be set up quickly and easily
• Each base can be filled with up to 10 kg of sand to hold the posts in place
• Comes with up to 25 metres of chain
• Can create a large 8 metre distance in between each post
• Comes with 6 posts
Note: Bases can be filled with 8-10 kg of sand
Post height: 1200mm
Post diameter: 110mm
Base diameter: 400mm
Base weight : 4kg
Warranty: 1 Year

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