Mobile Safety Barricade System


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The Barrier can be inserted onto site with great ease and provides an insant method of deterring entry to an area where and when needed most. Each barrier is made from high quality steel with a robust frame for heavier duty use. The main crossbeams are made from aluminium which makes them lightweight at the same time, perfect for moving them around when needed.
Each barrier comes in a highly visible yellow and black colour, ideal for deterring entry to an area where they will be very noticeable in use. The additional castors allow the barriers to be moved around with great ease - if you need to keep a barrier in position the castors can be locked into place.
For closing off larger areas the expanding barriers can be interlinked end on end and can form runs of barriers. When fully expanded each barrier will cover up to 16 feet and can be further expanded by adding more units.
Fully expanded - 4800mm
Fully closed - 440mm
Height - 940mm
Total weight - 10kg
Lockable castors - stays in place when needed
Highly visible design - very noticeable black/yellow
Highly durable steel with aluminium cross members
Interlocks with other units - covers large areas
Folds easily - easy storage when not in use

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