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Size: 600mm
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A convex mirror for both external and internal use, made from lightweight materials and suitable for seeing past blindspots in many areas
Available from 300-800mm in diameter
Excellent vision at all times
Comes with bracket for wall or ceiling mount
Perfect for warehouses, laneways and more
Shatter resistant
Metalised acrylic - highly durable
The mirror for Indoor and Outdoor use is ideal for monitoring traffic routes, machinery, blind spots etc.
The traffic mirror is manufactured in shock resistant acrylic which protects the metallised mirror coating from scratching.
It features a very light construction combined with excellent image quality and wide angle viewing.
Each convex mirror can be installed quickly and easily direct to walls or ceilings, ideal for using in many different environment types.
Use the convex mirror to see around blindspots and past obstructions.
The Spion convex mirror sizes range from 300mm wide to 800mm wide.
The larger the mirror in size the wider the angle of view is.
Use larger convex mirror sizes for larger areas such as open warehouse spaces.
Material: Metalised acrylic
Bracket: 25cm 'J' bracket
Mirror Features
Internal and external use,
Very light, Simple to adjust,
Extremely shockproof convex rectangular mirror.

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