Fixed Butterfly Wall Mounted Bike Stand


Size: Height: 335mm X Depth: 285mm X Width: 90mm
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The Wall Mounted Bike Rack is popular throughout Ireland for its ease of use and functionality. Two pre-drilled holes allow you to install the rack in seconds, and you can twist the rack to angle it whatever way you need it. It’s excellent in confined spaces, as you can judge how close you can have the bikes together because you install them yourself. It’s also great for using in dead space, as you can turn the smallest area into a bicycle stand.
The Wall Mounted Bike Rack is popular in:
Schools and Universities
Office and apartment blocks
Home use
The tough steel design gives you heavy duty security, and is connected to the wall with screws through the 5mm holes (NOT included). When the bike rack is not in use you can fold the rack against the surface thanks to the 180° swivel action, increasing safety by ensuring nobody walks into it.
The Wall Mounted Bike Rack can hold most bikes with types up to 50mm (average Mountain Bike tyre). We keep the bicycle rack in stock, so if you order before 1pm you will have you bicycle rack the next working day.
Product Dimensions:
Height: 335mm
Depth: 285mm
Width: 90mm

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