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Car Parking Bay Wheel Stop Safety Guide Black and Yellow 1.8metres is perfect for preventing accidental collisions, demarcating parking bays within a larger area, and protecting buildings, sensitive areas, other cars and pedestrians from vehicles.
While pillar stops built into the ground are effective at preventing cars from over-shooting parking bays, they can cause serious damage to the vehicle in the process.
These rubber parking curbs in yellow act as a striking visual warning and also prevent vehicles from crossing over the parking line with their high ridge design.
What's more, vehicles can park up against the parking block without being damaged.
Parking Block Rubber Wheel Stops are made from recycled rubber and are simple to install, using 360mm rebar spikes when attaching to tarmac, or 180mm coach screws for concrete.
Unlike concrete barriers, no heavy lifting equipment is required and installation can be completed with minimal tools in a matter of hours. Because of their hardy design and durable finish, these products are essentially maintenance free too.
Please Note: The position of the Car Parking Bay Wheel Stop Safety Guide Black and Yellow 1.8metres is determined by the customer.
You should measure the distance from the front of the front wheel to the front of the bumper of your car to decide where to position the kerb.
Key Features:
• Easy Installation
• Bolts Included
• High Visibility
• Bolt Down
• 3 Year Warranty
• Suitable For Light Commercial Vehicles
• Prevents Damage To Property / Protects Pedestrian Walkways
• Our Reflective Tape Is Moulded On For Increased Visibility
• Avoid Cheap Alternatives With Adhesive Tape
• Easy To Install & Reinstate, Simply Bolt Down
Length: 1800mm
Height: 100mm
Depth: 150mm
Weight: 15kg
Type: Rubber
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