1800mm Rubber Wheel Stop White


Size: L: 1800mm White Concrete Fixing Weight 15.5kg
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1800mm Rubber Wheel Stop White are Wheel Stops an ideal for stopping cars from backing into obstacles, minimising the risk of damage of the vehicle or the wall.
They are made from recycled rubber, which is very durable and is not prone to breaking or cracking under pressure.
The inbuilt white reflector strip enables the parking curb to be more visible when parking in bad lighting conditions.
The rubber parking block are also easy to carry and do not require heavy lifting machinery to move them around.
Due to the fact that most car parks have tightly packed parking spots, you can maximise the number of vehicles that can park there as they can be used as parking guides.
Many instances of cars driving into other cars, buildings, walls and fences occur because of these tight parking spaces.
The rubber parking curbs will make parking less difficult, thereby reducing the likelihood of parking collisions.
These Wheel Stops can be easily installed using 360 mm rebar spikes when installing on a tarred surface and 180 mm coach screws on concrete.
These products are cost efficient, as you only need one strip which has a length of 1800 mm to secure a vehicle.
The position of the Wheel Stops are determined by the customer.
You should measure the distance from the front of the front wheel to the front of the bumper of your car to decide where to position the kerb.
Key Features:
• Easy Installation
• Bolts included
• High Visibility
• Bolt Down
• 3 Year Warranty
• We Won'T Be Beaten On Price For these Wheel Stops
• Ideal For Light Commercial Vehicles
• Our Reflective Tape Is Moulded On For Increased Visiblility
• Avoid Cheap Alternatives With Adhesive Tape
• Large Stocks Available At Our Coleshill Depot
• Prevents Damage To Property / Protects Pedestrian Walkways
• Please Note: The position of these Wheel Stops is determined by the customer
• You should measure the distance from the front of the front wheel to the front of the bumper of your car to decide where to position the kerb
Length: 1800mm
Weight: 15.5kg
Colour: White moulded stripes
Areas With Children At Play
Similar Places
Car Parking
Warranty: 3 Years

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