130 Degree Blind Spot Convex Traffic Mirror


Size: 30cm
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Item specifics:

·Diameter: 30cm
 Diameter: 45cm
 Diameter: 60cm
·Mirror Curvature: 130 degrees
·Back Color: Orange


1, Used to eliminate blind spots to prevent accidents, deter theft,injuries and also be used to improve security around our in buildings.
2, Avoid For better insight into accidents and deter theft, suitable for street corner, garage, parking, mountain road,driveway, supermarket.
3, The mirror image clarity, superior optical quality convex mirror
4, The back of the mirror with ABS material, eye-catching color with good warning effect.
5, Viewing distance up to approx 2m

Package Included:

1x Convex Mirror
1x Fittings Kit


  • Shape: Round

  • Color: Orange

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